What is e-trading academy
E-trading academy is an online school engaging in trader education. Their ultimate goal is to teach their solid strategy to trading and investing and help aspiring traders to become successful, making a living from anywhere in the world. Their training programs are designed to help you improve your trading techniques and psychology through professional mentoring and a personalized approach, and they include online video courses, workbooks, live coaching and trading sessions, all offered 24/7 through their online platform at e-tradingacademy.com
Our goal in this project was to make the brand more recognizable among all online current trading educating services. E-trading academy's goal was to become the best exchange and investing coaching service platform, so e-trading enthusiasts would be able to recognize the company when they see the logo.
What we came up
Our design approach was simple, yet solid and direct! A creative combination of two basic pillars (Education and Finance) created a unique logo.
The iconic graduation hat, streamlined and blended with the linear trading candles, reveals a well balanced and clean icon. Our colour palette is fresh and vibrant. We wanted to keep things simple therefore we use blue for the education part and green for the finance part of the logo.
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